I am an artist, illustrator and librarian. I am currently working on a body of abstract 2D work, which I think of as a sort of phenomenological endeavour. When I’m not doing that, or sleeping, or gardening, or being dragged to social engagements by my wife, I work for the University of York Library on York Digital Library Project and the LIFE-SHARE Project. This blog will be about things I observe, or are thinking about, or want to make sense of through writing. Nobody ever reads in apart from my wife, my mum (occasionally), and someone called Dave Kirkman.

Other things about me: I’m married to Ioana, who comes from Bucharest; I don’t like chocolate; I ride a bicycle; I’m a Christian; I went to Glasgow School of Art, the Royal College of Art and University of Northumbria; I’m learning Romanian (slowly); I drink a lot of tea; I just discovered a hole in my black corduroy trousers; I don’t comb my hair often enough; some of my favourite films are: Sans Soleil, Ostrov, Onegin, Decasia and Andrei Rublev. That’s enough. You can also follow me on Twitter. My username is Mottlegill.


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