PH1 residency – week4

The second of my PH1 poems, written on a whiteboard
The second of my PH1 poems, written on a whiteboard at home

The initial period of the PH1 residency is now over, but the collaboration with Stevie and Clare looks to continue into next year, with the possibility of us doing some work with the Castle Museum, possibly for next Sept. I am also doing some small work for a combined PH1 residencies exhibition at the New School House Gallery in January.


My outputs for the residency so far include some visual work, which is on show at the New Schoolhouse Gallery until Christmas Eve. I didn’t get time to photograph any of it before it went to the gallery, so I will blog about it after Christmas. The other thing I did was write two poems (the first of which I blogged about earlier), which I presented at the residency closing event last Friday. I’m calling both of them drafts, and I’ll try and keep them in mind and keep working on them. The second one I have written on a white board at home (pictured), to remember it and play with it. It is a response to the theme of time and has the texts from the carousel in the Christmas market, which I blogged about earlier, and phrases from the book of Ecclesiastes as its main sources. My response to the whole residency has been to contrast the idea of time as change/progress, represented by the museum, with ideas of time as cyclical, or static, or with longer spans of time (e.g. geological time; time as registered by landscapes).


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