PH1 residency: week 1

I am taking part in the PH1 residency project run by the New School House Gallery, York, as a satellite artist to Stevie Ronnie, between 24 Nov. and 19 Dec. More about the project here.


The project, for me, is about trying something different. Stevie, a writer/artist, has already challenged me to write a ten line poem, based on some little books of collected words and phrases I made about ten years ago (which I wrote about in this blog post). One of the discussions we have already had was around the value of continually expanding the set of skills and experiences you can call on as an artist, so, in that spirit (and not having attempted to write a poem since I was a wee student living in Glasgow), here is my poem. Or at least, a work-in-progress, since a poem is never really finished and I think Stevie is going to tell me about some techniques for developing a poem. So it’s maybe more of a raw lump than a poem; material to work on. The images, words and some phrases come from the little books I did.


Walking Away


Sagging shoulders passing through

This body

This abbey

Of brick pits wine bottles ammo


Boots emblems tyres chairs,

Red rain burning pale trees

And pale earth.

Heavy going in long lines

In the early winter mud past this tree?



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