Library of Lost Books 3

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The Library of Lost Books Project has been coming on. I have developed my initial idea of producing something based on the lists of words in the book I was sent. (This was an old book called The Use of Books, which is teaching children how to use books and libraries etc.) I liked the little 16-page ‘gatherings’ I made, so I decided to make a series of little books, all using the lists in the source book in different ways. Some of them just present the lists as they are in the book, as little ‘poems’; others are more playful in their use of layout, typefaces and ideas. I have had a lot of fun with them. I have printed the final books onto reclaimed paper from the endpapers of withdrawn library books. The cover papers are also reclaimed from ex-library books.

I think what I am going to do is to alter the original book minimally (perhaps adding a hand-painted bookplate or frontispiece) and present it back to the Library of Lost Books with the eight books I have made. I have posted some general pictures of them for now and I will present some of them in more detail in future posts.

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