Library of Lost Books 2

Well, I have made a start on thinking about what to do with my book for the Library of Lost Books project (see previous blog post). I was taken with the idea of working with the various lists from the book. Some of these are really rather poetic, taken out of context. One of my favourites is:





The first thing I did was to make a Word doc with all of the lists from the book. I am thinking of producing a new book from the content of the old book, rather than doing something with the original book. The book is about the keys to learning – it points beyond itself to other books and other worlds of knowledge. Somehow it is appropriate to take something from it and then leave it behind. I did a rough version of a book containing just the lists, which I have bound as four separate ‘gatherings’ (i.e. four folded sheets of paper sewn together down the fold). The original book has six gatherings. I haven’t yet sewn the gatherings together into one book, but I quite like them as separate little ‘baby’ books.