Bank Street residency, day 4, 6th April 2012

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Today’s walk consisted of the following route. I took photographs of some things that interested me.

Railway Station

Howard St

Arundel Gate

Furnival Gate

The Moor

South Lane

St Mary’s Rd

Ecclesall Rd

Cemetery Avenue

Sheffield General Cemetery

Stalker Lees Rd

Harefield Rd

Ecclesall Rd

Thompson Rd

Wadbrough Rd

Ecclesall Rd

Dover Rd

Bristol Rd

Botanical Rd

Botanical Gardens

Clarkehouse Rd

Glossop Rd

Upper Hanover St

St Mary’s Rd

Queen’s Rd


This time I bought a pot of Dulux Melon Sorbet. The colour and the grid I painted on the wall reflected the new foliage on the trees and a certain expansiveness and airiness. I added some rectangular grey and green elements to two of the other walls, but I’m not sure why other than just to try to activate those spaces.

The walk knackered me out. A problem with this experiment is that it is quite tiring! The most interesting thing I saw was the overgrown old cemetery – I noticed the classical entrance down a side street of Eccelsall Rd. I’ve included some shots of the cemetery with pics of today’s work.

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