I began my walk from the station at 9:15am. It was the most awful weather: sleet, wind and freezing cold. The route I took went:

Howard St

Arundel Gate

Furnival Gate

Carver St

West St

Glossop Rd

Melbourne Ave

Southbourne Rd

Botanical Gardens – cup of tea in Curator’s House Cafe

Clarkehouse Rd

Clarkegrove Rd

Eastgrove Rd

Broomgrove Rd

Ecclesall Rd

St Mary’s Rd

Queen’s Rd


At B&Q I purchased a tester pot of Crown Isobelle (from the Le Petit Palais range), which is a pale blue/grey. This seemed to reflect the colour of the walk. Back at Bank Street I concentrated on one wall and painted two fence- or grid-like elements across nearly the whole wall. The lower one extended from the floor to 1m, which is the height of my hip, and the other one was the same but inverted and extended up from about the standard gallery eye level (1.5m). They were meant to reflect the regular plod of my legs on the walk; being muffled up and looking down I had more of a kinetic sense of the weight of my legs than an awareness of my surroundings. I was also aware of either looking down or looking up (two head positions), the latter requiring a definite move of the head (normal movement restricted by rain clothes): hence the upper and lower elements. The same grey greeted both views, the sky seeming no less close than the ground. Another inward day.