One car garage no. 2

Eurofighter book

This is the second in a series where I just want to record the dull things I do as an artist, because a lot of it is dull (but interesting, all the same). Well, here was today’s itinerary:-

  1. Send out emails to my contacts list advertising my participation in York Open Studios
  2. Create a little compliments slip with images to go with the brochures I post out. Can’t print it because I only have a black and white printer.
  3. Write a list of people to send York Open Studios brochures out to. Can’t post them until I’ve printed the compliments slip somewhere.
  4. Ring the bank
  5. Go to Co-op and buy a ready meal and some flowers for Ioana (Romanian women’s day). Heat up the meal and eat it. Put the flowers in a vase and throw dead flowers away.
  6. Bind one of the little books I am making to submit to an exhibition in Hungary. The exhibition is on the theme of the effects of digitisation on the culture of reading and I am making a series of small artist’s books using paper from discarded journals from the University Library, where I work. I made on inspired by a statistic I read in a report, namely that digitising all of the eligible (i.e. out of copyright) books in European Libraries would cost the same as at least 33 Eurofighter jets. I made a little book with 33 pages, each of which has the shape of a Eurofighter cut out of it, so that there is a Eurofighter-shaped hole all the way through it (see picture). I painted a little illumination of St. John from a copy of Tyndale’s bible in the British Library on the first page last night. Today I had to make holes 1cm apart down one side of all of the pages to sew through, using a small punch and a mallet. I did this while listening to a documentary about Peter Lanyon on the BBC website. Then I sewed it together and took it outside to photograph it. The battery on my camera died, so I only got one shot, which wasn’t the best I could get. I’ll have to do it again.
  7. I’m planning to exhibit a large painting of a mad striding figure which I did a while ago at the Open Studios. I brought it round to the house from where it was stored at the weekend, but it was dusty (not properly stored, as I wasn’t intending to keep it – now I quite like it). Dusted it. Made a wooden frame to fix to the back of the hardboard, so I can hang it. This took some time to do. It was a nice sunny day, so working in the shed was pleasant.
  8. Sandpapered the edges of some small hardboard panels I cut to size last Thursday, ready to prime them. I sat out in the garden to do this and pondered garden things.
  9. Came in and wrote this blog.
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