One-car garage, part 1

Studio with primed panelsI want to bring my blog down to earth a bit and talk about stuff I’m actually doing once in a while, even (especially) the mundane stuff. (I still want it to be about art, so I won’t write about hoovering or going to bed). In honour of the one-car garage that I work in, I’m going to call this occasional series One-car garage. In it, I’ll describe what I’ve got up to in my garage/studio (I also have a spare bedroom, in which I work a lot, and a shed).

Today, I primed a number of 82 x 120cm hardboard panels to paint on. They all have to have three coats of acrylic gesso. I prime them on an easel and then have to find somewhere to stack each one, so that it doesn’t have anything touching the wet paint and so that Ioana can get her bike through when she comes home. My garage is on the north side of my house and through it is the only way to the back of the house. This means it has two doors facing east-west and is also the only way that all the dust picked up by the west wind can go east. So it’s always full of dead leaves and general dust. Which is great for wet paint. Fortunately, it wasn’t windy today, so my paint is safe. It is hard manoeuvring big wet painted panels around in a small space and the sense of clutter doesn’t make you feel creative. I also hung a big piece of Tyvek up on the wall mounted easel I have. This stuff creases really easily. It is also as light as silk and the slightest air current causes it to billow all over the place. I had fun and swore a bit trying to get it clipped onto a board on the easel. That was enough for one afternoon. The end.

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